Greek media about President Siljanovska's statement: Davkova is provoking again

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The president's statement Gordana Siljanovska Davkova that she personally "does not think that she violates the Constitution and does not think that the non-use of the constitutional name can cause problems" today is the focus of the Greek media, both online editions and in the news of some televisions.

The Greek news agency ANA-MPA in the text entitled "Mr. Siljanovska: Not using the name North Macedonia does not constitute a violation of the Constitution", the president's statement during yesterday's joint press conference with her colleagues from Montenegro Jakov Milatović and Bajram Begaj from Albania, in which she reminded that her documents, they what he signs, those he owns, etc. all with the constitutional name, but also that as a human being I have the right, "from Socrates until today, within the framework of freedom and thought, the free expression of thought, to express myself the way I do and I do not think that it is a violation of the Constitution either nor to international law."

In parallel, ANA-MPA also transmits the statement regarding the participation of the head of Greek diplomacy, Giorgos Gerapetritis, at the Summit of the Cooperation Process in Southeast Europe.

The text from the Greek news agency was taken over by almost all online editions of the media, which broadcast it under different titles, including "North Macedonia: Siljanovska provokes again - The term Macedonia is not a violation"; "North Macedonia: Siljanovska insists - The non-use of the constitutional name will not cause problems"; "Siljanovska provokes again: My non-use of the constitutional name of S. Macedonia is not a violation of the Constitution."

Today's edition of the newspaper "Ta nea" refers to the participation of the head of the Greek diplomacy Giorgos Gerapetritis at the Summit and in the text entitled "First handshake in Skopje without provocations".

"The first handshake with a member of the Greek Government yesterday was the President of North Macedonia, Gordana Siljanovska, who met in Skopje with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Giorgos Gerapetritis, within the framework of the annual Summit of the Cooperation Process in Southeast Europe, the newspaper writes.

He points out that Gerapetritis was sitting next to the president and adds that the Summit itself, which was addressed by 13 representatives from the countries of the region, "ended without registering any new provocation regarding the use of the term "Macedonia" by Siljanovska."

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