The Greek tax authorities closed a multinational store in Athens, it did not transfer over 20 thousand fiscal receipts!

Photo: Pixabey

Greek tax inspectors put a padlock and closed the clothing store of a well-known multinational chain in the most famous shopping street in Athens for 48 hours.

The reason is that they did not transfer 21.100 fiscal accounts. The cash registers of the store have been disconnected from the Greek IRS for almost six months, the auditors of the Independent Public Revenue Authority stated. It is a clothing store of a well-known multinational chain, which is located in the center of Athens, specifically in Syntagma.

Auditors visited the store based on the data they had available on their tablets from the system, which looks at the tax behavior of businesses in real time.

From January 15 to June 12 of this year, the particular store cut, but did not deliver, 21.100 receipts worth 576.000 euros, including VAT of 111.500 euros. The company was fined 56.000 euros, as provided by law, and the store was "locked" for 48 hours. At the same time, auditors are examining the movements of other stores of the famous clothing chain, to determine whether there are similar violations there, To Vima reported.

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