The Greek police banned a protest rally against the conference of Zaev and Tsipras in Athens

Photo: MIA

The Greek police announced that the Police Administration in Athens made a decision to ban the gathering announced by the members of the World Confederation of Pan-Macedonian Greek Associations "Koin of the Macedonians", scheduled for Monday (June 17.6) at 16:30 p.m. outside the Athens Conservatory. .

Today in the Conservatory in Athens, the International Conference on "Peace and Sustainable Development" will be held in co-organization of the "Alexis Tsipras Institute" and the "Zoran Zaev" Foundation, on the occasion of commemorating six years of the Prespa Agreement.

In addition, the police banned "any outdoor public gathering from 06:00 on 17-6-2024 to 06:00 on 19-6-2024 in the area bounded by Irodu Atiku Street, Vasilisis Constantinou Avenue (including the stadium Panathenaikos), and Vasilisis Sophia Avenue".

The police statement states that "this ban is imposed due to a serious risk to public safety and a significant threat to the socio-economic life of the specific area, including the movement of vehicles and pedestrians, as well as the operation of infrastructure and public facilities in the area."

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