Citizens dissatisfied with city transport: we pay monthly tickets for nothing when there are no regular buses, a shame for JSP!

Photo: JSP Skopje

Citizens ask, complain, react, but no one killed them. The public transport company, which exists precisely to provide regular public transport to the citizens of Skopje, does not give any explanation to the users of its services.

Why is there no bus number 63 at 5.40:XNUMX in the morning that leaves Mralino for two days, do you still have no oil?
I waited 50 minutes for 30 minutes, is that normal?
To manage the buses on line 2 and 2A, or release an exact schedule that they are every 50 minutes, or turn off the line as if it does not exist. For months now, they have been running every day on a weekly schedule!
And did you cancel the 32nd?
I waited for a whole hour for a bus, from 16 to 17 p.m. at Mechkarov in Kisela Voda, and not a single 24-car passed by, and then two 58-cars came at once.
We take out monthly passes for nothing when we have to walk or pay for taxis, shame!

These are just some of the reactions of the people of Skopje on social networks, but also on the official Facebook page of JSP "Skopje". Citizens ask, complain, react, but no one killed them. The public transport company, which exists precisely for the purpose of providing regular public transport to the citizens of Skopje, does not give any explanation to the users of its services. The only announcements that come from JSP are related to the notification that on a holiday they will drive according to the weekly schedule, while they remain silent about all other problems of the citizens.

Skopje people froze at the stations waiting for buses, from JSP they are silent

Citizens who use the bus every day to get to their workplaces, university or school, or who have some health or other need that requires public transportation, have endured a lot in the past two years - strikes by private carriers, protests by employees in JSP, long wait for irregular buses, unbearable crowding in the vehicles. They did not receive better buses, functional transportation, nor free transportation, as they were promised.

In the meantime, JSP "Skopje" continues to receive the largest subsidies from the City of Skopje, but this does not affect the conditions it offers to passengers. The fleet is outdated, and the last purchase of new buses was during the term of the mayor Petre Shilegov, when 33 "man" vehicles were bought. Old buses are rolling on the streets and after three decades, the double-decker vehicles are creaking and knocking.

Although the company has never publicly confirmed, according to the statements of drivers and trade unionists, there are not enough drivers, and it is difficult to find new ones. However, both the company and the City of Skopje, in all their rare statements so far, claim that public transport is functioning smoothly.

All of them have low salaries, they don't have drivers, they don't have oil, but when we are late at work because of them, they don't care what problems JSP has. A big shame for JSP headed by their mayor - commented Divna from Skopje.

For two days, it was not possible to top up a card or pay with a phone on the bus, the JSP kept silent that they had a problem

In our newsroom yesterday, citizens from the village of Cento again reacted to the same problem as a month ago, when they claimed that in the morning there were no buses at all on line 23 and 45. This has been happening for the past two days as well. These two bus lines are served by private carriers, so it is unofficially known that they did not drive because JSP does not pay them the transportation funds owed to them.

The JSP Skopje has not had an answer to the question about this problem for a whole month, more precisely, whether it fulfills its obligations to private carriers on time, more precisely, whether they have been paid the funds for the transportation and for which month.

The residents of Przyno and Pripor, who are connected to the city by only one bus line each, have a problem, one settlement with 16 and the other with 24. They complain that the buses come more than half an hour apart and that this happens every morning. in the past period.

 Allegedly, the buses were reduced because the drivers used last year's holidays, so there are not enough drivers to service the lines. I don't know how true that is, because there is no one to inform me, but I know that every morning I wait at least half an hour for 24 hours. How long will it be like this with transportation? It's really embarrassing, it annoys me every day - says Vesna from Kisela Voda.

The public company is silent on these issues as well. There is no answer as to why the timetable of these two lines is not respected and whether there is any truth in the claim of the citizens that the number of vehicles has decreased due to the holidays.

The silence of both the JSP and the City of Skopje will not solve the problems with transportation, but when the citizens do not get anything better, they deserve at least to get explanations for what they face every day.

Subsidies for JSP finally approved, Skopje will not be left without buses

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