The citizens, burned by the price of the pellets, buy machines to make them themselves

The cheapest "pellet" is 1.300 euros with VAT, uses sawdust, and its capacity is 60 to 100 kilograms of pellets per hour, say in a store in Skopje.

When the pellets appeared, they could be found for 200 denars for a bag of 15 kilograms, last year at the height of the season, such a bag cost 290 denars, and now it is already starting to be sold for 380 denars. The citizens who heat 100 square meters with pellets, say that last year they paid 24.000 denars per month, and now the calculations show that they will need over 30.000 denars for heating.

Pellet stoves were advertised as a way for economical and environmentally friendly heating on larger areas and they were most often decided by those who had houses replacing wood stoves with pellet stoves, especially those with "central heating" system, so that they had heating. in all rooms. The state subsidized the purchase of pellet stoves for many years, and according to last year's announcement, they could receive a subsidy of 50 percent of the price, or a maximum of 20.000 denars, and those who were categorized as low-income citizens, could receive a subsidy of 70 percent of the price, but up to 25.000 denars.

However, with the current prices of pellets, it can be seen through the advertisements that many citizens sell pellet stoves, but also that they buy machines for making pellets themselves, and even make such machines themselves! There are shops in Skopje that sell pellet making machines. In "Radek" the cheapest is 1.300 euros with VAT, it uses sawdust, and its capacity is 60 to 100 kilograms of pellets per hour.

About whether it pays to buy a "pellet" for making pellets for own production, but also for sale, how to find the cheapest pellets in stores and how to find pellets at all because their shortage is already announced, united citizens on Facebook opened a group "Pellets - a group for discussion where to find cheaper and quality pellets".

"One ton of sawdust ranges from 2.500 to 4.000 denars, it turns out 1: 1. There are 67 bags of pellets in one ton, so at the current bag prices, for one ton you have to pay 25.460 denars per ton or simply, in short and clearly the earnings are 300-400 percent ", calculated one of the members of the group.

Manufacturers complain that such simple math should not be done, because pellets must meet certain standards, they are certified products, with precisely defined rules of processing.

- When the sawdust dries, the loss is about 20 percent, and where is the electricity, where are the bags? - says one pellet manufacturer, who is a member of the group.

"Free Press" also talked to a manufacturer of pellets for its own needs, but who sold them last year.

- I have a machine with a power of 7 kilowatts, I bought it for 1.300 euros. It is slightly larger, which can provide its own production, but also for sale. With the partner with whom we bought it, we had an idea for an additional business, because we are both regularly employed, so we thought that with 3-4 hours of work we could earn something extra. However, it is not that simple. But, for own production it is good to have such a machine, because now the prices are huge and those who bought pellet stoves, if they do not make them themselves, heating is impossible. There are houses that can not be heated without spending 1.000 denars for pellets at these prices - explains our interlocutor.

He says he understands why there is a huge increase in the price of pellets.

- If last year we bought sawdust on a tractor from sawmills, now they have started selling it per kilogram and at much higher prices. Not to mention the expensive electricity - explains the man from Kavadarci.

From what can be seen on social media, citizens show great interest in producing their own pellets, but they also share all possible information about where cheaper pellets can be found, and even team up to provide large quantities to provide cheaper pellet bags.

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