Citizens beware, ravens and jackdaws have begun to attack

Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Studies have shown that these birds, especially ravens, vigorously defend their young and attack potential "predators" by flying towards them and pecking them with their beaks, especially if they are near their nest.

Jackdaws and ravens attack citizens on the streets of Skopje again this spring. This morning, two people complained to our editorial office that on their way to work they were suddenly attacked by these birds in the central city area, specifically at the intersection near the City Hospital and the Arab House.

I had just started to cross the intersection when I suddenly felt a strong blow from the back of my head. Instinctively I bent down and then turned to see what was going on, but I noticed nothing. A passerby told me that a jackdaw attacked me from behind. Fortunately, I have no injuries or scratches - Blagoja told us.

The other citizen had a "close encounter" with a raven in Jadran Square near the Arab House. As he says, moving towards the workplace, he suddenly felt that a bird landed on the back of his head.

It scratched my hair twice and flew away. When I turned around, I saw that there was another one beside her. One of them was literally "bristling" looking at me as if she was chasing me from there. An unpleasant feeling, but I assume that the birds had young ones and were protecting them - explains the interlocutor.

Every spring, citizens witness the unusual behavior of these birds, when they often attack people and almost regularly in the area of ​​the head. Some of them pass without injuries, but some with bleeding heads. The strike of the birds is strong and painful, and if the skin is torn, it is essential to visit a doctor.

Spring is when they have young, and jackdaws and ravens are known as guardian birds and probably protect the young. But we really couldn't say why exactly they attack and why they attack selectively, because we vets don't have much experience with wild birds. For example, near here, in the "Leptokaria" shopping center, there is a jackdaw, which many have complained about, that it attacked them, regardless of what time of the year it is, that is, regardless of whether there are cubs or not - they explain from the "Vet in" veterinary clinic. .

There are ravens and jackdaws in large numbers throughout Skopje, because they easily find food in the city, so they can often be seen pecking at containers and landfills. Ravens usually make their nests in the canopies of trees located near containers, while jackdaws nest in tree holes, in abandoned but also inhabited buildings and chimneys.

Studies have shown that these birds, especially ravens, vigorously defend their young and attack potential "predators" by flying towards them and pecking them with their large beaks, especially if they are near the raven's nest. They are especially dangerous if one of their young falls out of the nest. The period of this aggressive behavior lasts until the cubs are fully ready to fly, after which they stop attacking people.

Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

Can the citizens protect themselves from the attacks of these birds during this period?

The only thing they can do is to be careful and avoid places where there are ravens and jackdaws, which are noisy and easy to spot. Or, if they do decide to pass near their nests, be still and not make sudden movements. Citizens are also advised not to approach a cub that has fallen from a nest, because it is more than certain that they will be attacked by its parents.

Since the birds always attack the human head, it is a good advice to carry a hat or an umbrella in the locations where there are ravens and jackdaws. A hat will soften the blow, and an umbrella will scare the birds away.

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