City fathers will learn from the European, at the Forum of Mayors to be held on June XNUMX

On June XNUMX, Skopje will host the International Forum of Mayors, which will be attended by world experts, but above all mayors of European capitals, from whose experiences Macedonian mayors will learn. The organizer of this event is the University of Tourism and Management, and Professor Valentina Mucunska said today in the morning briefing that this is an excellent opportunity for Macedonian local governments to take an example of what a modern municipality means.

- The purpose of this international forum of mayors is to exchange knowledge, opinions and good practices in the field of municipal management, in order to improve the performance of municipalities by creating good policies. With that, we expect that it will be easier for the municipalities to cope with the modern challenges. The focus will be on the turbulent environment that generates complex changes, and these will directly reflect on the functioning of municipalities. We will send a message to the municipalities to think about creating strategies whose implementation will succeed in meeting the challenges of the global society, explained Mucunska.

The Forum will be attended by Jean-Yves Camus, a specialist in international relations and special adviser to the Mayor of Paris, prof. dr. Carol Jans, Mayor of the Slovak Republic, Svika Brot, Mayor of the Municipality of Israel and Advisor to former US President Donald Trump, Ilko Stojanov, Mayor of Blagoevgrad, Dr. Andrijana Cvetkovic, First Resident Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to Japan.

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