"City parking" makes the services cheaper, here are the new prices

City parking / Photo: MIA

The Management Board of the Skopje Public Enterprise "City Parking"Today made a decision to reduce the price of parking in the city from March 1. This fulfills one of the main promises of the new leadership for the citizens of Skopje, said the City of Skopje.

This decision envisages reduction of the prices of the services of the PE "City Parking", which reduces the price for parking in the zone parking, in zone A0 from 100 is reduced to 75 denars, in zone A from 50 is reduced to 40 denars "in zone B from 40 to 30 denars, and in zones C and D parking will be reduced from 30 to 25 denars for 1 hour", say from "City Parking"

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