The City of Skopje with 13,5 million denars will support 116 projects in sports and education

Photo: Free Press Archive

Total 13,5 million denarsand will be allocated this year for 116 projects, more precisely for 96 projects in the field of sports The City of Skopje will distribute about 11 million denars, and the remaining 2,5 million denars will be used for co-financing of 20 projects in the field of secondary education.

The public call for support in the field of sports received 164 applications, while in the field of co-financing of program activities of associations, foundations and other legal entities through grants for projects that will be implemented in high schools under the jurisdiction of The City of Skopje 23 applications were received.

 The strategic commitment of the City of Skopje to support sports is through programs, projects, events, activities and public calls to encourage the development of sports, as well as affirmation of the City as a development sports center with European characteristics corresponding to its status as a capital, with in order to achieve the public interest of local importance in the field of sports - announced by the City of Skopje.

The program activities, which are supported through co-financing and implemented in high schools under the jurisdiction of the City, are aimed at addressing the current challenges of the health crisis, ie promoting digital literacy of all school community members, psychosocial assistance to school community members to deal with various forms of violence, and in particular with cyber-violence that becomes relevant during distance learning, education and promotion of healthy lifestyles among young people by raising awareness among high school students and the general public about personal responsibility in protecting their own physical, mental and social health and more.

List of supported projects in sports:

List of supported program activities in high schools:

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