Mayors from Kosovo and Serbia at a meeting near Kasami: Cooperation is important for the development of tourism

Photo: Free Press

Mayors - Albanians from Kosovo and Serbia had a meeting with the mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo Bilal Kasami, where the main topic was how to jointly develop tourism. Kasami emphasized at the meeting with his colleagues that it is not a formal organization, although as he pointed out there is already a community of Albanian municipalities in the region in which Tetovo is also a member, but today it is an ordinary meeting, he added.

Mayor Kasami pointed out that with some of the municipalities whose mayors are currently in Tetovo, there are already some collaborations and joint projects. The visit is in the spirit of considering the possibilities for the common interest of our municipalities, and we as mayors, that is, as representatives of the people, can contribute to strengthening the cooperation between our municipalities, Kasami pointed out.

"Today, this meeting does not have a formal aspect, but is a collaboration within the framework of some areas that we cover, more specifically in the area of ​​tourism. The fact that our states are already cooperating, we want to implement it on the ground with concrete cooperation between municipalities. This does not have any formal organization, but the mayors are invited, in the part of development, as well as the creation of a common tourist offer for tourists. You know that we are small countries for tourists to come and visit one city, for example, in one country, and if we had a common tourist offer, it would be more acceptable," Kasami said.

After the meeting, the mayors visited the Colorful Mosque as well as Tetovo's Arabati baba teke.

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