A man from Gostivar shot at a friend with an air rifle

Macedonian Police / Photo: MIA

Public Prosecutor from the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Gostivar filed an indictment against a 21-year-old man from Gostivar for a crime - Serious acts against public safety under Article 292 paragraph 3 in conjunction with Article 288 paragraph 4 in conjunction with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

On 01.05.2020, the defendant caused considerable danger to the life and body of an injured party by firing a devil from an air rifle. The defendant, the injured party and four other friends were in a weekend house in the village of Sretkovo, so at one point the defendant took out an air rifle from the garage and started aiming at his friend. The injured party responded with a request not to do so, but the defendant still aimed and shot a devil at the injured party, hitting him in the groin on the right side and inflicting severe bodily injuries.

Although he was aware that what he had done could have a harmful consequence, the defendant recklessly considered that he would be able to prevent it or that such a consequence would not occur, thus committing the stated crime.