Fuel in Montenegro – the cheapest in the region

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Illustration: Refueling at a gas station / Photo: EPA-EFE / CONSTANTIN ZINN

Eurosuper 95 in Montenegro is the cheapest among the countries of the region, while the price of Eurodiesel is among the lowest, according to data from the Montenegrin Ministry of Capital Investments, reports Mina.

According to data from the new Bulletin of the Ministry of Petroleum Products Prices, a liter of Eurosuper 95 in Montenegro costs 1,45 euros.

It can be bought for 1,78 euros in Albania, 1,64 euros in Croatia, 1,62 euros in Serbia, 1,6 euros in Bosnia and Herzegovina and 1,55 euros in North Macedonia.

The most expensive Eurosuper 95 in Europe is paid by the citizens of Denmark, 2,22 euros, and the cheapest is in Hungary, 1,29 euros.

When it comes to Eurodiesel, a liter in Montenegro costs 1,55 euros, the same as in North Macedonia. In Albania it can be bought for 1,9 euros, in Croatia 1,86 euros, in Serbia 1,83 euros and in BiH 1,69 euros.

Citizens of Sweden pay 2,37 euros for the most expensive Eurodiesel in Europe, and 1,21 euros for the cheapest in Malta.

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