Gordon Ramsay says you should never order this dish in a restaurant

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The famous British chef Gordon Ramsey knows a lot about running restaurants, that much is clear. When asked what dish he never orders in a restaurant, he gave a completely unexpected answer.

If you think about it, Ramsey gave a logical answer, but also a few more recommendations when it comes to restaurants, he writes The Indy.100 (indy.100.com).

So let's go in order.

Do you ask the waiter for a recommendation?

"It really depends on the restaurant, but the waiters usually try most of the dishes on the menu and can give you an insight into what the chef has added or what the locals like," he said.

"Travelling, I've gotten a lot of great recommendations from waiters."

What should you never order at a restaurant?

"Ask for any yesterday's dish of the day, before today's special." It could become the soup of the month."

According to him, there is one dish that people should never order when it comes to dining out – soup of the day.

Is it taboo to order a steak well done?

"Good question. The problem with overcooking meat is that it reduces the flavor and amazing texture, so follow the chef's recommendation or always stick to medium rare."

"That anyone can own/run a restaurant"?

Gordon Ramsay is a famous British chef, TV star and entrepreneur. He gained worldwide fame thanks to his culinary skills, sharp reviews and, of course, TV shows.

He received his culinary education in London and France, and later worked in renowned restaurants, including the one in London's Royal Hospital Road, where he received three Michelin stars. He also became known for his sharp comments and hard-hitting approach on cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef.

In addition to his culinary career, Ramsay owns a number of restaurants around the world, with several Michelin stars. In addition, he has written several cookbooks and is very influential on social media.



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