Goran Markovski, Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering: The retaining wall should be repaired as soon as possible

Photo: CUK, Printscreen

Goran Markovski, dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, does not know in whose jurisdiction is the part of the retaining wall on "Belgradska" Street, which passes over the "Mother Teresa" Clinical Center above the Clinic for Children's Diseases, nor what condition it is in, but he appeals to institutions to fix it as soon as possible. He declined to comment on whether the wall should be torn down and a new one built.

- At the moment, I don't know what condition the wall is in, nor who is responsible for repairing it, but I will remind you that 15 years ago, I personally sent a letter to the authorities in which I expressed concern about the stability of the buildings in that part of the city. More specifically, I pointed out that the retaining walls were not designed to withstand the increased load from the buildings that have sprung up there at every turn and are still being built. No one answered me, I was met with silence, which lasted until the collapse of the wall. However, instead of passing the ball to each other, they should urgently sit down and repair it - said Markovski, who was asked for an answer at a press conference in the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia.

The wall collapsed a week ago, and the director of CMC Stojanche Angelov, in a video address from the place where the wall collapsed, appealed to the Ministry of Health, the City of Skopje and the Municipality of Centar to urgently deal with overcoming this danger for the citizens. He said that it is a matter of a day, and maybe an hour, when the remaining part of the wall under which vehicles are parked, but people who enter the Clinical Center circle will also be demolished. Since then, the situation has been status quo, with no one taking responsibility.

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