Big companies demand that the burden of the crisis be distributed "on everyone's back a little bit"

Zoran Jovanovski,/ photo: Sloboden pechat

Zoran Jovanovski, former vice president and candidate for president of the Social Democratic Union, who is now the second person in the Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia, says that freezing prices "is not a market solution" and that "the burden of the crisis must not be borne by only one industry, but distributed on everyone's backs a little at a time."

"The state can intervene in times of crisis, but it should provide financial assistance only to families who need it. The frozen price of bread is used both by those who have no money and by those who can pay five times more expensive bread. Why should bread be available to them at a subsidized price? - asks Jovanovski in statement for the "Money" portal.

According to him, the solution is for the price to be market-based, derived from supply and demand.

"Financial aid should be given by the state at the level of a family, not an individual. That family will buy bread at the frozen price, and everyone else will pay the market price. When the price is market, both the one who produces the flour, the baker and the merchant, everyone in the chain will behave normally. Is it the responsibility of the baker, the milkman or someone else from the food industry to take care of the social status of the citizens? If I'm a baker, is it up to me to worry about social status? Do I function in a market economy? That is the key question. If so, why should it only be to those in the food industry? Why shouldn't that obligation also apply to some other industry?" - asks Jovanovski.

He believes that if we were a coordinated market economy, then "we would sit down, agree and organize ourselves in society, so the burden would fall a little bit on everyone."

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