PHOTO | Large families who practiced incest

Tsar Alexei Nikolaevich of Russia

One of the most famous examples of royal incest is the hemophilia of the emperor's son Alexius, which he inherited from his mother, Queen Victoria's granddaughter. His father was Nicholas, the last Russian tsar, and his entire family was killed in the 1918 revolution.

The mad priest Rasputin is believed to be one of the main culprits of the revolution. The emperor brought him to the court to cure Alexei hemophilia, and after gaining control of the whole family, he began to share political opinions and advice. This resulted in public outrage and is considered one of the reasons for the beginning of the revolution.

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Princess Victoria Melita

Another well-known example of incest is related to Queen Victoria. It is her great-granddaughter, Princess Victoria Melita, who married two of her first cousins.
She first married Ernest Lewis, Archduke of Hesse, with whom she had a stillbirth and later a daughter, but the marriage was doomed from the start and finally broke up when Melita caught her husband in bed with his servant, resulting in a glorious scandal. Then they officially separated, and Melita married her first love and the first cousin by her mother, Kiril Vladimirovich.

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Defilement of Egyptian rulers

Many years before the reign of Queen Victoria, members of Egypt's ruling families entered into marriages between close relatives. Not only was this not considered a bad thing but they were also expected to marry members of their immediate family. The Greeks described this phenomenon with the term "Philadelphia" as an explanation for those who married their own brother or sister.
Egyptian families often practiced incest in which brothers married sisters, as well as incest in which a man married a girl whose parents were his brother and sister. It was believed that it would keep the royal lineage clean, which comes from the mythology of the god Osiris who married his sister Isis.

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King Tut and Cleopatra

One of the most famous fruits of incest is King Tutankhamun, whose parents were brother and sister. Tutankhamun had a large cleft palate and foot problems in which he lacked several bones.

Cleopatra was also a product of incest, and later married her two brothers. Obesity was common in Cleopatra's family, as was extreme violence. Thus, in fact, Cleopatra reached the throne - killing her two brothers.

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Haihenena from Hawaii

The isolated island of Hawaii was once ruled by a powerful monarchy who not only practiced incest but also considered it a privilege enjoyed only by rulers. One of the most famous examples from that region is Princess Nachienna who was in a romantic relationship with her brother throughout her childhood.

At that time, Christian missionaries arrived on the island and persuaded the princess to marry another.

Despite obeying them, Nachienna and her brother maintained their love affair all their lives in front of the whole public.

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Elizabeth from Austria

In her family, incest related to mental disorders was common. In fact, she believed that her whole lineage was cursed with madness. Her mother, who was married to her cousin, was one of the thirteen children of Prince Maximilian of Bavaria. Elizabeth married Franjo Josip and had a disastrous marriage interrupted by episodes of severe mental distress, obsession with weight and diet, and eventually suffered a nervous breakdown.

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