A big fire in Strumica burns an area of ​​about 20 hectares

Photo: MIA/TPPE Strumica

At around 13:45 p.m., a large open fire broke out in the atar of the villages of Zubovo, Koleshino and Sušica, affecting stubble, dry grass and trees. As informed by TPPE Strumica, an area of ​​about 20 hectares in a length of three kilometers along the river Strumica is burning.

The fire is extinguished by TPPE Strumica with four fire engines and nine firefighters.

- The fire is in an inflamed phase, and the strong wind accelerates its spread. The movement of the fire towards the village of Zubovo and the nearby buildings is currently prevented and a large part of the fire is under control, informs from TPPE Strumica.

The extinguishing of the fire continues, and teams of Strumica firefighters remain on the ground until the fire is completely extinguished.

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