Big fire in Hong Kong, 3.400 people evacuated

Photo: Twitter

Firefighters in Hong Kong are still fighting a fire that broke out in a warehouse, which caused the evacuation of 3.400 people, police said today.

Firefighters are at the scene of the fire and have evacuated nearby buildings, including schools, and there are no reports of casualties at this time.

Two people who were working near the location where the fire broke out fell ill after inhaling smoke, and people from four schools and an apartment building nearby had to be evacuated, police said.

The government opened a temporary shelter in the sports center for evacuees and advised citizens to close doors and windows.

The fire broke out around 14pm local time at a warehouse in a residential and industrial area in Kowloon, the government said.

Officials classified the incident as a third-degree fire on a five-level scale. It is not yet known what caused the fire.

And three weeks ago, a big fire broke out at a skyscraper construction site in Hong Kong.

The fire was first noticed near the scaffolding on top of the building, and the fire could be seen from the pier as well as the embers falling down the adjacent streets.

VIDEO: A big fire in a skyscraper in Hong Kong, the fire also engulfed four other buildings

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