Big weekly horoscope (28.11/04.12-XNUMX/XNUMX): Rely on your inner voice

weekly horoscope
What do the stars predict for this week? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel


In love, it will not be so hard, and alienation will decrease. Despite this, some will think of better love opportunities. Wake up and go among the people. Don't let yourself be alone, accept every invitation to socialize, especially from friends. You will imagine yourself in the role of a benefactor. Many will indeed balance work responsibilities. Colleagues will be happy to rely on you. At the same time, you will encourage the development of completely new ideas or technologies.


In personal relationships, togetherness and understanding will become more and more important to you. This way you will open the cards with confidence and hope that the other side will fully accept you. Everything points to you succeeding. Just don't rush. You will try different variations of the work plan. This will bring you joy because it will not be boring. The artists in front of the audience will have more and more work, and the applause will not be absent. Employees in official activities will have more work.


You will invest your enormous energy in strengthening the relationship with the loved one. It will be a big effort with little results. You will use original ideas that will sometimes surprise the other side. However, you will be accepted. On the career front, you recognize that it is time to fight. You are more ready to express your position clearly and loudly, and if someone disagrees with it, you will present arguments. You will not give up until a compromise is reached. Rely on your inner voice.


Contacts will become a little less frequent, but you will feel that it is perfect for you because you need peace and even solitude. You will manage to analyze your love past, and then go out again, in society. And so alternately. You will probably be supported by professional people because they will recognize your qualities. You will be glad, although you will feel the mild consequences of accumulated fatigue. Now you can work a little easier and without pressure. Lean on those who support you.


There will be a partial improvement in your private life, but you will still be prone to procrastination. It would be best to pay more attention to the other party and accept their suggestions. That would be good for both of us. Some will struggle with finances. Some will find a completely new and unusual way to make money. It might not be completely legal, so it would be good to check what can and can't be done so that they don't get into trouble with the law later. Some will travel for work.

The Maiden

If things get stuck between you and your partner, you'll probably both open up and try to clarify your expectations. There will be occasional misbehavior, but it will be negligible. Try to be a little gentler with each other. The atmosphere at the workplace will improve. You will work more easily, although there will be more work. The sports staff will achieve good results. Employees in pedagogical activities will show what they know. There will be many new ideas.


You will become calmer and quieter. Your loved one will be relieved to notice that you have calmed down. You will both be satisfied. Those who are still single could begin to feel intimacy with a person who is not from their area. At work, many will want to push the boundaries, but they will see that this is not the case. Some of your dreams in collision with reality will lose all sense. Accept this as a phase of your maturation. Listen to others, cooperate and you will have their support.


Your personal demands will become a little more discreet and in some ways you will be less demanding. You will no longer have important attractions, but you will be able to enjoy many small and ordinary situations. It's good because you really get to know your partner. In terms of career, you have well-established contacts, especially for all new ideas and projects. You will balance between open access and discretion. You will keep some things to yourself because that is what your inner voice will tell you.


During this week, some things in your private life will start to fall into place. Small misunderstandings will be a part of everyday life that should not be given more importance. Listen and follow your heart. That way there will be no mistakes. In business communications and contacts, avoid openly showing emotions. Simply because someone may perceive you as an unprofessional person. Measure when and how much emotion should be shown. You are moving towards new knowledge.


You will become sociable. Those who are still single will spend most of their free time with their immediate surroundings. It will be so easy to find new acquaintances, and love is not excluded. Those who are engaged in private work could get an additional engagement that they will not like. The same goes for working from home. There will be those who will initiate changes in the space where they stay, work or live. They will have to design everything first.


It will become more interesting for you because there will be excitement among people of the opposite sex. Therefore, those who are still looking for a soulmate will find love opportunities more easily. Those who are in a relationship will exchange gentle words that will have an effect. You will have financial struggles, but the solution is in sight. Your focus of interest will now shift to higher knowledge. Many will be looking to hone their expertise. Those who study will surely benefit. Anyone who wants to can enroll in an additional course.


Those who are in long relationships will have an increasing need for company, so they will often be guests at various parties. They will be fine, except that there will be little fights. But it will be an incentive for them. Those still looking for a soulmate will travel. On a career level, those who are looking for something new or deep will get a chance to recognize it. Something that will enrich their careers will be within reach. This will encourage them to work even harder. Almost everyone at work will show creativity.


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