Big Weekly Horoscope (May 16-22): Gemini will do everything right, Sagittarius will end…

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What do the stars predict for this week? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel


Your financial situation will improve dramatically, so you can earn more than you planned. Unemployed people could find a decent job through electronic media, classifieds or friends. In front of you is meeting a person who at the very beginning will delight you with his sense of humor and communication. The relationship will quickly develop into something deeper. Aries who are married will be extremely close to their partner who will provide protection and support. Take at least an hour each day to enjoy a good book or movie. Your health will be good, but do not overdo it with physical effort. Insomnia is possible for the more sensitive members of this sign.


There will be acceptable opportunities to change jobs, but still be patient and do not rush. You will lack diplomacy in the negotiations - work on it. You will notice some errors too late. The bulls will be distrustful of their partner, so they will complain about trifles. This will be a good indication that you need some time for yourself and time to think about the future of your relationship. The sun in your sign will strengthen you psycho-physically, so you will be able to withstand any effort. You will be very focused on everything you do, so you can miss some of your sharp observation.


Whether you are planning to take college exams or look for another job, circumstances will help. Everything will go well for you because Mercury in your sign will highlight your qualities and talents. You will be open to new experiences. Nothing will be difficult or problematic for you, and your partner will appreciate your commitment and the support you give him. Unrelated twins will know what and who they want, and your consistency will win over the person who means you. You will withdraw into yourself due to the satiety of external events and some people who drain your energy. More severe health problems are possible that will require a visit to a doctor and tests.


You are overwhelmed with responsibilities so you will not be able to do everything that is expected of you. You will be late for deadlines, filling out forms incorrectly and forgetting some meeting details. Do not refuse help from colleagues, you will need it. You will misinterpret your partner's words and actions, chances are you will confuse him with your changeable behavior. But the good influence of the Sun and Mars will bring you more peace and stability in the relationship and will give you the opportunity for reconciliation. This week is an ideal period to pay a little attention to your appearance, you will not regret the money invested in expensive creams and cosmetic treatments.


This week things will go better in the professional field, and the ease of communication and the charm will bring you extra points. Lions will shine in customer contact, explanation and negotiation. You will improve the relationship with your partner, you will know what you are on and where to focus your energy. Singles and lovers can create the conditions for a new emotional beginning. Some people laugh at an interesting acquaintance. Try to filter out negative emotions, because they will be the main cause of all health problems. A walk in the fresh air and light exercises will give you the best relaxation. Do not forget to hang out because you need as many fun and happy people as possible.

The Maiden

This week you will have the feeling that your time is flying and you will have too much work. Coworkers will sometimes not be able to keep up with your fast pace, and you will be relentlessly exhausted. It is possible to travel abroad or work with foreigners. Business and financial worries cast a shadow over an otherwise favorable love situation. Do not let problems divide you. If they manage to prevent the negative influence of their parents on their marriage, some Virgos will extend the period of emotional harmony. Decreased immunity or occasional feeling of weakness accompanied by dizziness. Check your blood pressure.


You will win the favor of the bosses with your original ideas and suggestions, so it is possible that they will involve you in an important project. Artists and athletes will enjoy special public attention. Your charm will be fatal for a person who will not have the courage to openly admit his feelings. You will have to conquer it slowly and avoid overly direct access. Marital relations will be strong and stable, you will share the same interests with your partner. Watch your immunity. Do not skip meals with the desire to lose weight.


Without a plan, set goals and checking the accuracy of the data, the chances are high that you will find yourself in an awkward situation at work. Try to be better organized, you will have less concentration. You will succeed in your ideas. The differences in the characters and the way of thinking will come to light. Your partner's reactions will be unpredictable, so you will not need to raise your voice for a long time. If you are in love with someone, the other party will drive you crazy with their changeable behavior. This week you will be energetic - a period that you should use for intense training and get your body in the desired shape.


Personnel changes and a new division of tasks are possible. Although you will be ready, they will still surprise you. You will collaborate with new colleagues, often changing the means, the way and the place of work. In love you will get over everything that until recently derailed you. You will strive to bring peace and stability to your marriage. If you are in a stable relationship, it is time for bigger plans with your partner. This week will be great for all of you who want to diet - you will be persistent enough to put an end to bad habits. Some of you will undergo medical examinations.


This week you will stand out with your verbal qualities and entrepreneurial spirit. You will be quick in completing tasks and will show resourcefulness in tense situations. The possibility of an unplanned trip or field work is not excluded. Free Capricorns will work hard to find a partner, and they will undoubtedly succeed in that. The relationship with the partner is moving in a new direction. There is a way out of the emotional crisis, and the quality of sex life will be of utmost importance. You are in great shape, do not avoid sports activities. A tennis party with friends will prove to be a great move or bike ride.


You will enjoy the support of the people around you. Jobs related to art, beauty, fashion and design will bring you success. You will have educational, commercial and communicative work assignments. Things in love will start to change overnight. Reconciliation, rapprochement and resolution of accumulated emotional problems will occur. You will be energetic and you will feel sympathy for a person. Take care of your health. It all depends on how you treat your body. Do not overdo it with sugary foods, drinks or cigarettes.


You will have to come to terms with the fact that the stability you are striving for is becoming more uncertain and you have to accept new circumstances, which in some other way will lead you to the goal. Mars is in your sign and this week will force you to be more active and entrepreneurial. Long-term relationships will be put to the test, so many will struggle to keep their partner. Others may experience the pitfalls of a romance or passion-based adventure. Be careful how you start the day and do not skip meals. You work hard and feel exhausted. Be careful not to overdo it as nothing is worth your health.

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