Great weekly horoscope (August 15-21): Capricorns expect great success, Virgos will acquire new knowledge

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What do the stars predict for this week? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel


The business crisis subsides, so you enter a better period. You will meet a powerful person who will help you a lot in something. It is possible to make great money in one job, while some will change the job description. You are in a great love period, so forget about what happened. You will be relaxed, and that will be an irresistible lure for members of the opposite sex. The positive influence of Venus can lead to meeting a new person. Your health will improve, and many ailments will disappear.


You will be inspired, so work related to entertainment, art, writing and music will be a pleasure. Although there will be failures and unwilling individuals, Mars in your sign will make you a true fighter for justice. You could feel dissatisfaction with the sensual side of life. Although the love will be undoubted, frequent arguments and misunderstandings will shake your relationship. But the favorable Mercury indicates a relatively quick way out of the crisis. Mars in your sign introduces you to stressful days, and cold interpersonal relationships will especially exhaust you. A lot of work awaits Taurus who are at work, so it won't be surprising if you feel more tired and sleepy.


You are confident in yourself, so it will be easier for you to fight for the achievement of your goals and justify your views. Someone will recognize your qualities, so you will reach a long-desired position or make a financial gain. You are in an intense business period, so you will see your partner and family less. It would be good if you were on vacation this week, because it would bring you even closer to your loved one. Singles could meet someone who is ambitious and successful in what they do. If you party too much, sleep badly at night and enjoy vices too much, it will not be surprising if health problems start to appear. You need to take care of yourself.


Many notice your wit and verbal dexterity. Bankers and financiers will rub their hands with satisfaction, and the positive planetary influences of many members of this sign will bring them the opportunity to earn more. You will go on business trips more often. You will start solving love problems more successfully. Your kindness will catch the eye of a person, who will inquire about your love status. New loves are on the horizon, and due to the favorable influence of Mars, they will be extremely passionate and erotic. You will have more energy, so you will gladly respond to invitations to socialize or go out. You need a good rest so that you can handle your business obligations more easily.


If you are interested in traveling, abroad, trade, sports, a nice development awaits you. The sun is in your sign, so like him, you will shine wherever you are and stand out with your business skills. You could fall in love, improve a relationship marred by problems, or decide on marriage. Those who are married will be reborn. You will feel protected and loved, but it seems that you will not be able to avoid the occasional quarrel due to your jealousy and short temper. Think more about your health. It's the right time to quit smoking or adopt healthier eating habits. You will have a lot of energy and you will be vital, but you will often change your mood.

The Maiden

You will quickly acquire new knowledge and be skilled in negotiation and conclusion of agreements. The most successful will be work in the media and jobs related to mediation, traffic, services and communication. You could fall in love with a person who for some reason will not be able to return your feelings. Stay away from relationships with complicated or busy people who just want to have fun. Better to be alone than with someone who will become a big problem for you later. Mercury in your sign will be credited with your improved concentration, which will help you a lot at work. But it is possible that you will face a loss of physical energy, so rest will be more than necessary.


Go around obstacles or take a few steps back. You are mentally prepared to multitask, but physically weakened. Perhaps the problem is poor time management or a messy life. Irreconcilable differences in character, jealousy and outside influences will surface. Those who are not in a relationship or marriage may face unrequited love, but don't give up. By the end of the week, you will have more favorable astrological influences, so you will have more luck in love. Take care of your health, don't wait for things to resolve themselves. This week you will need as much socializing and entertainment as possible.


The rulership of the Leo sign complicates your work relationships, so postpone negotiations and important decisions for a better time. You will encounter difficulties in completing the work, but do not doubt your abilities. Don't expect others to think and act like you. You will not be completely satisfied with your sex life. In search of passion, you may encounter an aggressive person who will not leave you alone. Those who are married will have good relations with their partner, which is helped by your quality communication. You will have much more energy than usual, but you will also increase your exposure to stressful situations.


Finding new ways of doing business and making new friends will lead to good results. You will be successful in presenting your work, in interviews and appearances on television and in public. Favored Venus opens a real season of love hunting for you. Someone will "get into your eye" and that person will persistently conquer you until you give in. If you are in a relationship or marriage, disagreements may occur, but luckily they are temporary. If you are nervous for a while for no apparent reason, boost your immunity by taking B vitamins.


You will have great success in the workplace, your colleagues will listen to you more, and your superiors will recognize your values. You become combative and know what your goal is, so it is possible to make progress. There is a certain strong influence from external circumstances that will prevent you from fully enjoying your love relationship. You will be confused by your partner's vanity and amazed by his flaws that have been overlooked until now. Singles could fall fatally in love. You overcome the period of stress and tension. You will start to feel better, especially if you were born in January. This week you will be more focused on your social life, which will visibly improve your mood.


Mars in Taurus will rob you of your calmness and patience. Be prepared for more criticism from the public, superiors and colleagues with whom you share a workspace. Don't resent your superiors. The planets make it difficult for you to communicate with your partner, so different interests will come to the surface. You may be expecting too much from him without realizing that you are holding him back. If you have a love affair in the workplace, you will be the target of colleagues' gossip. If you intend to exercise, pay more attention to the proper warm-up and stretching of the muscles. Aquarians are in a period when they are more prone to injuries and inflammation, so try to live as orderly as possible.


The struggle to achieve your ambitions will be successful. You will be a reliable person, and your reliability and responsibility will be a lure for those who offer new jobs. A business trip is also possible. You will be attracted to people who exude peace and do not put you down. But the chances are higher that you will meet someone restless and passionate, who will bring a sweet restlessness to your heart. If you are alone, certain loves and adventures await you, it is possible to meet a stranger. The excellent influence of Mars will be responsible for your good immunity and psychophysical readiness. No work will be able to tire you, you will have strength for everything. For Pisces, these are perfect days for travel and summer vacation, as well as for sports activities.

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