Big monthly horoscope for July: Great period for Cancers, Aries will have to be careful about finances

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What do the stars predict for us this month? Illustration: SP. / Photo: NASA, RawPixel

At the beginning of the month July, both Sun and Moon are in Cancer, retrograde Pluto is in Capricorn and retrograde Saturn is in Aquarius. Retrograde Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, and Jupiter and Mars are in the sign of Aries. Uranus is in Taurus and Venus and Mercury are in Gemini.

On July 5, Mars moves into Taurus. The planet of energy, will and direction in the next month and a half will show that we will invest the most shares in the business - financial segment. The fight for financial stability will not be easy, because Mars will be in conjunction with Uranus, and after the sign in a square aspect with retrograde Saturn. A period full of difficulties, upheavals, a time of stagnation, a time of turbulent and unpleasant changes awaits us. On the same day, Mercury moves into the sign of Cancer. Our thoughts and actions will be directed towards the segment of family, home, family members, but also towards feelings.

On July 13, a full moon awaits us in the sign of Capricorn. As always, the full Moon will highlight a kind of conflict between the rational and the emotional. On July 18, Venus moves into the sign of Cancer, a sign that rules emotions, family, the past, a sense of security and stability.

At first glance, July doesn't seem like an overly complicated month. But even though this period brings new and old chances for love and work and brings that beautiful summer warm breath of life's joy - still at the end of the month there will be a lot of nervousness, weight and pressure, as well as a great responsibility that everyone will have to show it to himself, but also to those who are close to him and whom he loves.


Although July will be rather quieter than the previous month, you will need to pay special attention to some things - especially finances. There are indications that you are entering a calmer period, but manage your money very carefully and stay away from large investments, especially if they are related to private business or housing – because you will spend much more than planned. In the middle of the month, a big change is possible that some of you have been waiting for a long time - a new job, a promotion or an important project. In the field of love, you are expecting improved communication, mutual support, but also the development of closeness and the need to make a positive change - all this should be your focus. Some couples will say the fateful "yes" this month, some will decide to start a life together or arrange the space in which they will live. Married couples will deal with the family segment, finances and children. If you haven't been on vacation yet – the second part of the month is favorable to relax and escape from the city bustle. Sometimes everything related to work and money can make you nervous – make sure your relationship with your loved one doesn't suffer. Free Aries during July may renew communication or even a relationship with a former partner. There will be new love opportunities, but it all looks very much like superficial stories or light summer adventures.


A decent business month awaits you. You will feel the influence of Saturn in the field of career and it will bring you some slowness and limitations, but during the month you will have a chance to make changes. You will have many good conversations, some from you and business offers (from both old and new people in the business sphere), and it is also possible to find a freelance or additional source of income during this month. As for finances – relief is coming, but don't relax too much as the end of the month can bring a series of expenses. This can be an interesting month for those who are single. Tauruses have both new and old love opportunities, the development of events will depend on your wishes. A "sentimental trip" to the past will be more pronounced in the first part of July - then you could renew contact with exes or literally bump into them on the street, in a cafe or on a walk. The second part of the month will be more active in meeting new people and new emotional interests, especially in the last ten days of July. Those who are in a relationship or marriage – after the fall that brought you the previous period – the relationship between you and your partner will be simpler and easier. You will have opportunities for better communication, more going out, and even going on a trip together.


The first half of the month is great for going on vacation and escaping from work. If you still work the month of July, quite simple and quite calm days await you, and what's more – you can have time to develop some of your ideas and projects, which will turn out to be a real move. The second part of July brings more focus on the business and financial segment. Towards the end of July, a more turbulent business atmosphere awaits you, a lot of communication and meetings with clients, colleagues, superiors. Venus in your sign will help you bring to the surface your charisma, positivity and cheerful spirit and charm that will intrigue those you come into contact with. Many nice acquaintances, meetings and communication await you - exactly what you need this month. There will be flirtations and adventures. Some Geminis expect a "return to the past", perhaps only through contact, and perhaps through renewed relationships, and there will be those who will think that they have finally found what they were looking for - a stable person and an opportunity for something that will last. If you are in a relationship or marriage - do not enter July with bad energy. Despite occasional obstacles and opportunities for minor obstacles, especially during the latter part of the month – this will still be a solid emotional period for you. Some of you may flirt with a person related to work, but do not relax too much because at the end of the month you may have problems with your partner.


Jupiter in the field of career will wake you up and move you, which will become especially visible at the end of the first week of the month. A period filled with numerous contacts with colleagues, contracts, documents awaits you, several short business trips are also possible. A new significant collaboration, the start of a business project or employment awaits you. Although your finances are somewhat more stable, the end of July will bring you higher expenses and larger cash outflows. Whether you are single or busy, by the middle of the month you may have increased communication and even secret meetings with people who were previously in your life. If you are single, it may not bring you big problems, but if you are busy – potential problems may start already at the end of the month and continue into August. Aside from the past, Venus enters Cancer on July 18, free Cancers will bloom and shine – which will definitely attract more eyes, but also awaken your need for love. The last period of the month will be very interesting – through socializing, friends, social networks and going out – a nice acquaintance and potential new love are smiling at you. If you are married or in a relationship during July, you will periodically face minor problems in your relationship with your loved one, but you will quickly resolve everything. You need more rest and relaxation.


When you are done with your vacation, you will have to put a lot of strength and energy into the professional field. You yourself are aware that some things are not working very well and it is time to try to regulate and correct them as soon as possible. The last days of the month can bring some dissatisfaction and problems related to work, colleagues, but also some inconsistency with your superiors. Some of you may decide to take drastic steps during this period. Summer is always an alluring time for Leos, so this July will be no different. Whether you're busy or free, you'll be out and about a lot during this period – whether it's going out and hanging out with friends in nature or going on trips. Simply put, nothing will hold you in place. The relationship with the loved one can be quite good and energetic, you just need to avoid potential secret flirting. Some of you will be at war with yourselves at some point. If you are single, you will get in touch with old friends, maybe even former loves. You have the potential for new emotional events this period. The important thing is that you will find it interesting.

The Maiden

A favorable business atmosphere awaits you. In the previous period, you created a good business foundation, solved many things or even started new projects and jobs – now you have to do all that and deal with your obligations. At the end of the month, there may be minor difficulties in the business sector – misunderstandings with colleagues or problems with documentation. Do not let others provoke you and spoil your concept and organization. It seems to you that there cannot be any major problems in your emotional relationships during July, but, for some reason, you will be prone to suspicions and jealousy - perhaps because your partner will be in "his element", extremely cheerful and active, and you will keep a watchful eye on everything that happens around him. You have no reason for doubt and uncertainty, so it is best to refrain from uncontrolled questions. Focus more on shared moments and enjoyment – ​​because during July you will have many reasons to do so. If you are free, you have a very interesting month ahead of you. You will be in the mood for socializing, traveling, making numerous contacts - the whole of July will "work" in your favor and bring interesting people into your life.


Less complicated business events await you in the first half of June, you will manage to complete everything without many problems. The second part of the month, however, brings you a thickening of situations and you will have to focus your full attention on this segment. During that period, a lot will be expected of you – colleagues and superiors will put your work in the center of attention and there will be days when you will have to prove yourself and do things that may not be your responsibilities. But if it's any consolation – your finances will start to grow. The first half of the month is a wonderful time to relax, whether you are single or busy. However, if you are busy – this period will bring you beautiful energy, many beautiful joint activities and opportunities for more enjoyment with your partner. Your communication will improve and you will try to adapt to each other, but also to please each other with small signs of attention. You will have moments of increased energy and opportunities for discussions. Not a bad time ahead of you though. If you are single, you will have more tempting options. Some of you will accept the current situation, turn to yourself, friends or work. The remaining Libras will have the opportunity to contact former partners and even the opportunity to renew the relationship.


At the beginning of the month, all your thoughts will be focused only on work and money - and judging by everything, obligations and finances will be quite essential. After that period, you will enter somewhat calmer days - the business organization will function better, and opportunities will begin to open for new collaborations that will be quite profitable for you. You will have increased contacts with foreign countries, but also nervousness that will slowly begin to intensify. On July 5, when your planet Mars enters the field of love, emotional connections will come to the fore. Although the relationship with your loved one may be quiet and peaceful during this time, you feel that it could all just be a big calm before the storm. All that is needed now is to resolve any disagreements, if any, and resolve any issues that have been weighing on you. The change in the emotional field does not have to be only negative, no – this is the period in which some couples will decide to really raise their relationship to a higher level. Single Scorpios will have very intense friendships in the middle and end of the month. You will have the opportunity to renew contacts with old sympathies and former loves, but you will also meet new people.


A financial problem or a major expense may disturb you at the beginning of the month. But this should be successfully resolved very soon. In general, your finances may take a few "hits" during July – try to control your spending as much as possible. However, you are not expecting a bad period in terms of business. You will have the opportunity to conclude good deals and cooperation. Some changes await you in the work environment at the end of the month. Free Sagittarians will be thrown into "action", and will remain so until the end of the year, with small occasional oscillations. This is a great time for going out, socializing, traveling, for new people as well as for old ones. You will have the opportunity to return to the "old paths" but also to start a new story that may take longer. Granted, some of you will likely be operating on several sides in parallel. If you are married or in a relationship, a rather good period awaits you. You need to go somewhere together, and if you have left the trip for next month – then at least in this one, be together as often as possible, go out, hang out with friends. Touches of bad energy may appear towards the end of the month, problems with joint finances and plans are possible, but doubts and jealousy may also appear.


The situation in the business environment and with colleagues will be correct in the first half of the month. Granted, some of you will already be going on vacation at the beginning of July because you definitely need it more than ever. Those who stay at work will have a quiet business period. The second part of July will see the first upheavals on a professional level - you will have quality opportunities, collaborations and contracts - but also tension in your relationships with your colleagues or superiors. During July, both you and your partner will be oversensitive, abusive and prone to mood swings, which can be especially prominent at the beginning of the month. Of course, it's not just your relationship – there will be many turbulent situations around you that can be related to the family or the business segment of both of you – which will certainly bring tension. Although this period will not be ideal – it is very possible to adjust to each other and find a way to make daily functioning peaceful and without much stress. What is definitely on your side is the passion that will be stronger than usual, especially when you are together on the road, resting and enjoying. If you are free during July, you will be in a gap between the past that has been occupying your thoughts for a long time and the future that is coming. New people will emerge, but for now the past proves to be incomparably stronger.


If you are not able to go on a longer annual vacation, try at least for the weekend to escape from everything and reset yourself, because even during July business obligations will be "hanging" on your head. It is even possible that at some moments you have a big problem organizing yourself and not keeping up with your obligations. You will think more intensively about improving your financial situation. The end of the month will bring you increased tension due to work. The partnerships should work pretty well by the last week of July. Precisely for this reason – use this period to clarify all ambiguities between you and your partner, but also to get closer and enjoy together. And you will certainly have the opportunity to do so. This month offers you to spend more time with your partner in fun activities, socializing and traveling. Although you are quite focused on business and family obligations – try to find time for your loved one as well. That last week of July can bring awkward conversations and situations that are not necessarily strictly related to your relationship, but to other people around you – primarily family members. If you are free, this will be a month for relaxation. Many of you will focus on socializing and traveling, but that doesn't mean you'll run out of love opportunities. Since Saturn has been moving retrograde through your sign for some time, the past and love opportunities that you "missed", but also some new acquaintances will come first. Now is your time, enjoy!


The first part of the month is favorable if you have a private business, while for those Pisces who work for someone else, the daily functioning will be calm and without major changes. The second part of the month will be significantly more active for you, the level of obligations will increase much more, but you will manage to organize yourself well and deal with all the developments. The only really unfavorable period is perhaps the end of the month when the tension between you and a colleague will be more pronounced. Family and marital relations will work better than usual. As for long-term relationships, some of you may already be thinking more seriously about cohabitation, marriage, and starting a family. Does that mean July is too good for you? Well no. You have a lot of unresolved situations in partner relationships, a lot of topics that are pushed under the carpet and not talked about enough. It is for this reason that occasional oscillations in relationships are possible. It doesn't seem like a big deal – but you will be anxious and feel vulnerable. Singles – this is a good period for travel, but it is also good for love events. During this month, a person may appear who would really attract your attention and with whom you could slowly build a healthy relationship, and later in July, a relationship. It is possible to enter into a new emotional story.

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