Gojo: The Strasbourg court very rarely hears cases related to pardons

Photo: TV24 / printscreen

The lawyer Alexander Gojo, who has worked on dozens of cases at the Strasbourg court, said on the "24 Open" show tonight that the European Court of Human Rights, according to his data, debated pardons in only eight cases.

On the 16th of this month, the court in Strasbourg should announce the decision regarding the failed pardons issued by the former president of Macedonia Gjorge Ivanov for the defendants in four cases of the former SJO, including the case of mass wiretapping of citizens, which were disclosed in the so-called "bombs" with recorded wiretapped conversations.

"(The court) has not always directly addressed the specific cases, it does so only in one case, Lexa v. Slovakia, and this case will not be easy for the court. He will take the wider context of the very phenomenon of pardon known from the past. What is disputed in this case is whether those pardons have been revoked over time and create a problem around the concept of legal certainty," says lawyer Gojo.

The appeal to Strasbourg for the abolition of Ivanov was submitted in 2017, and it states that an abolition once given cannot be revoked. If on February 16 the Court in Strasbourg decides in favor of this thesis, all those convicted will have to be released.

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