I was watching Mickoski's interview and I was offended

Nenad Jovanovic. / Photo: Archive

It seems that Macedonian nationalism will remain our eternal stone in our shoes. The other day I was watching the interview of Hristijan Mickoski on Alpha TV and I heard with my own ears that he speaks without shame about such difficult things. The most disgusting thing in all this, at least for me, is that it politicizes death from disease and is constantly trying to profit politically. When the Macedonian nationalists, for example, talk about the disease, simply put, they are overjoyed that people are dying for us. Based on the numbers, they seek status for themselves, ie they seek legitimacy before us, the living Macedonians.

You will often hear on our televisions - some guy, a nationalist - and he could be a doctor of science, completely unimportant, he says: "They killed us and expelled us." In such situations I usually think: where is the wound on your neck, barabo !? Those who fought during Gruevism really suffered, and such suffering seriously affected their own lives, I can even testify with examples of specific people, and I have people who even today tell me that Gruevski's violence was for defense of "national interests".

But I say all this because I sincerely enjoyed his Christian misrepresentation. I enjoyed it as rarely as ever. I enjoyed the small and big lies, I enjoyed other people's indecency. Not because I'm a sadomasochist, but because I've not been to or near that place, and I'm enjoying my siblings not kicking me in the head.

Hristijan Mickoski's speeches on Alpha TV were national lies. On the other hand, it is true, he is Macedonian by origin, something he is exclusively proud of, but to act politically just because you are Macedonian, I consider it exceptional nonsense. You have no answer for anything, you want to be prime minister, and the biggest capital in politics to be just that you are Macedonian, I find that offensive.

On the other hand, my last name is Jovanovic, and I feel like a Macedonian. Because, you know how, it was different only in Hitler's Germany - the Jews were the ones who had to be called Jews. However, even if I am not a Serb, and if I write, as a Serb, articles in the most widely circulated daily newspaper, no hooligan should say that I am different except that I am a columnist and analyst (and God willing, soon also a writer). Which means that everything other than my personal definition in public is nationalism. And that nationalism that has been nurtured in this country for years, sometimes under a state cap, and sometimes under an institutional-opposition cap. We can also call it "camouflaged fascism".

And those two hosts, not to mention their names, sat at the interview as village priests and drunken bartenders, imagining themselves in militia suits and, listening to them, one gets the impression that they have no idea what they are saying in the sentences they utter. They think that we are all "guests" in this country, so from the position of mainstream right-wing television, in "militia" suits, they will determine whether we are desirable or undesirable Macedonians, and if we are not, they will load us in tractors (or something). similar) and will send us somewhere outside.

That is why I was glad to watch the interview on TV Alfa with Hristijan Mickoski, because I had the opportunity to listen to the "biggest" Macedonian where he speaks nonsense and treats us, the "secondary" Macedonians, indecently. Because, if people see me through the surname "Jovanovic", if I am, even in the deepest sense, a symbolic representative of a country where a man like Hristijan Mickoski is possible, then I really did not deserve better than the piles of spit on my back .
And no matter how hard I try to be different from Mickoski and his people, no matter how hard I try to identify with myself, we are under the same banner with that color. At least until the moment they come to power and declare us guests / newcomers / newcomers.

As I write this text, cheerful for the public and tormented by my spirit, summer is slowly passing and it is pleasant and sunny outside. I mention the time because at this point I will "decide" in the day, I can no longer deal with their nationalist sterility and imbecility. I will announce my wheel because there is no better story than "bad television and quality wheel". Or, as a friend of mine would say, if people have nothing smart to hear, then it is best to drive somewhere. Or what another dear friend of mine would say even more convincingly and semi-cynically: this is a small country, you must not cross the wheel in the fifth, because you can fly somewhere far away, even across the border.

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