Djukanovic: Open Balkans is political marketing

 Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic today, commenting on the Open Balkans initiative, said he was joining those "who think it is a matter of political marketing, not a serious idea".

Djukanovic said that the idea was not consistently formulated from the very beginning, nor was it offered to all countries in the region from the very beginning, and the problem, according to him, is the credibility of individual authors.

"I join those who think that this is more political marketing than a serious idea," Djukanovic said at the Balkan Integration Forum in Podgorica.

He added that he notes that this structure of the European Commission is much more inclined towards the region than the previous one and that it has sent many encouraging messages.

On the other hand, as he said, many different messages were sent from important addresses, which creates confusion when it comes to European integration.

Djukanovic also said that the messages about a delayed membership, about another partnership with the countries of the Western Balkans make him restless.

- The problem in the Western Balkans is instability, due to the long lag in economic development. Intolerance develops more easily into poverty, leading to genocide, he said.

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