Djukanovic: We support Kosovo's ambitions to become a member of the Council of Europe and to obtain EU candidate status

Milo Djukanovic/ Photo Savo PRELEVIC / AFP / Profimedia

Montenegro understands the ambitions of Kosovo to become a member of the Council of Europe and to obtain the status of a candidate for the EU, and we strongly support it, the President of Montenegro said today Milo Djukanovic after the meeting in Podgorica with his colleague from Kosovo Vyosa Osmani.

Djukanovic stressed that Montenegro is closely following everything that happens in the negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia.

"We are convinced that a sustainable agreement can be reached. By solving that issue, the stability of this region would be fundamentally solved," the Montenegrin president emphasizes.

Osmani assessed that only one country in the region does not want good neighborly relations, and that, as he said, is Serbia. – It is the only source of volatility risk. The strategic goal of the EU is for all these countries to become members of the Union, because this is the only way to achieve peace in the region, the president of Kosovo believes, adding that the Russian president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin calls Montenegro and Kosovo "temporary projects".

"Montenegro and Kosovo are sovereign states and clearly committed to the path to EU membership. We will continue to work to resolve the issues of our painful past. We will continue on the path of peace and stability," said the president of Kosovo.

According to her, Montenegro has so far shown clear support for Kosovo in all areas.

Djukanovic's support has been proven many times so far. I have no doubt that the support from Montenegro will continue, said Osmani, who is on a two-day visit to Podgorica.

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