Djukanovic is confident that he will win the elections, regardless of the turnout

Milo Djukanovic/ Photo Savo PRELEVIC / AFP / Profimedia

The presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Milo Djukanovic, said last night that he is confident that he will win in the second round of the elections on April 2, regardless of the turnout, and assessed that Serbia and Russia continue to interfere in the election processes and internal affairs. political situation in Montenegro.

Visiting RTCG, Djukanovic said that before the elections it was clear that the winner would be decided in the second round.

He said that Montenegro is not choosing between two candidates on Sunday, but a path to the future and added that the vote for him is a vote for continuity.

He emphasized that his opponent Jakov Milatović personifies the policy of "Open Balkans" and recalled that he always spoke about that initiative "as a vestibule of the Serbian world".

When asked if he also understands the statement of the head of Croatian diplomacy, Gordan Grlic Radman, that the Croats in Montenegro should vote for him, as interference in the internal affairs of Montenegro, Djukanovic said that he does not consider it interference, because the actions of Serbia and Russia cannot be put on the same level as the Croatian minister's statement.

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