Gjorgjievski replied to Bislimoski: I am for the bread, you are for the electricity

Goran Gjorgjievski / Marko Bislimoski / Photo Free Press collage

Bislimoski is the president of the Regulatory Commission for Energy, he has nothing to do with agriculture and in general with the food industry to be able to define whether there will be wishes there or not, the president of the Agricultural Chamber told the president of the Regulatory Commission for Energy regarding the statements for the price of bread

The President of the Agricultural Chamber, Goran Gjorgjievski, answering journalist's questions about the future price of bread, said that each company will make its own analysis, and the final word will be given by the market. Regarding the previous statements of the President of the Energy Regulatory Commission, Marko Bislimoski, that the new electricity price list from July 1 will not affect the price of bread, because 90 percent of the bread comes from large bakeries, which buy their own bread on the free market. Gjordjievski told him that he is not competent for food prices.

- Bislimoski is the chairman of the Regulatory Commission for Energy, he has nothing to do with agriculture and the food industry in general to be able to define whether there will be wishes there or not. The market, ie supply and demand, define the final price. We are not in Soviet socialist times, something that someone should take on the burden of private legal entities. Bad policies during the covid crisis with expensive electricity at 600 to 700 euros per megawatt hour, when everyone around us was buying at 80 euros, brought the companies into a very complex and difficult situation. Let's not go into a price freeze... - says Gjordjievski.

He says that the price of electricity partly has an impact on the final price of bread, but human resources have the greatest impact because wages have seriously increased. He said that each company will do its own analysis and establish its own price.

- We do not have an analysis of the participation of the large bakeries that are on the free market, and how many are the small bakeries that buy electricity at a regulated price. I don't know where Bislimoski got that information - said Gjordjievski.

The President of the Regulatory Commission for Energy, Marko Bislimoski, previously said at a press conference that large bakery companies are legally obliged to provide electricity on the free market and that they have nothing to do with the price for households and small companies, which should change on July 1.

- The large bakery companies in the country, which provide the largest part, i.e. over 90 percent of the needs for bread, must go to the free electricity market. They were never supplied by the universal supplier - said Bislimovski.

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