Gjorgjiev: Gotse Delchev is a symbol of an epoch, of a struggle of the Macedonian people

Vancho Gjorgiev, historian/Photo: Screenshot

"This year we also have 120 years since the Ilinden Uprising, we have 130 years since the creation of the Macedonian revolutionary organization, 120 years since the death of Gotse Delchev, 120 years since the publication of "For Macedonian Affairs" by Krste Petkov Misirkov. This is a year of many celebrations, a year that is filled with the Macedonian struggle, with Macedonian manifestations for the Macedonian state", said Professor Vancho Gjorgjiev at today's forum entitled "Goce is Macedonia" within the framework of the commemoration of 120 years of the Ilinden Uprising and 130 years since the establishment of VMRO.

He added that today, today, has been declared a day with a high security risk, and helicopters were flying over the heads of the capital's residents, as if it were a state of war.

"Goce Delchev is a symbol of an epoch, of a struggle of the Macedonian people, a struggle for a free Macedonian state, or at the very least, as they planned to enter as an equal and state-creating member of a wider Balkan confederation or federation," said Gjorgiev.

He pointed out that the organization to which Gotse Delchev belonged was an organization that thought about the integration and unification of nations.

"This organization, to which Gotse Delchev and many contemporaries belonged, is actually an organization that is far, far ahead of everyone in the Balkans, which thought about integration, the joining of peoples, states and the development of the economy for prosperity and open borders. While others were advocating for the expansion of their territories for the plundering of other peoples", says Gjorgjiev.

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