Ковиokovi останува is left without the first place due to the decision of the ATP

Novak ковиokovi го loses the first place on the ATP list / photo: EPA-EFE / DIEGO FEDELE

ATP decided to punish him Wimbledon, and it will all affect the best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic.

Namely, there will be no points at the third Grand Slam of the season, but the tennis players will lose the points won last year, writes the famous tennis journalist Ben Rothenberg.

That means that the Serbian ace will be left without 2.000 points. Second place Danil Medvedev and third place Alexander Zverev due to a weaker ranking, they lose 180 points, because they were eliminated in the fourth round.

If this decision remains in force, Djokovic will not be the first in the world after Wimbledon, he will take the third position.

The ATP list will look like this:
1. Danil Medvedev 7,800 points

2. Alexander Zverev 6,895

3. Novak ковиokovi 6,660 XNUMX

4. Stefanos Tsitsipas 5,965

5. Rafael Nadal 5,525

It is almost impossible for the Serbian ace to win 1.200 and catch up with the Russian player. Prior to Wimbledon, the only two tournaments in the 500 series were in Queens and Halle. It is unlikely that Nole will participate in any of them, but also in any other category 250.

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