Djokovic: I was humiliated in Australia…

Novak Djokovic / photo: EPA-EFE / ALI HAIDER

Novak Djokovic was silent for a long time about what was happening to him in Melbourne before the start of the Australian Open, and the end result of the saga was his expulsion from the country and inability to defend his Grand Slam title.

Now, more than a month later, Djokovic in an interview with Sport Club, said he was humiliated in Australia.

- A bad image was created for me. I was humiliated, if I may say so on a global scale. That's why it's important that I always have the opportunity to say something and if anyone wants to ask me anything, I will answer. "I will repeat my answers because I have nothing else to add but what I said in an interview with the BBC," Djokovic told Sportclub.

The Serbian tennis player reiterated that he will not be vaccinated against the coronavirus, regardless of the fact that such a decision will surely affect his career and the race for the most trophy-winning tennis player in the history of Grand Slam tournaments.

- The truth is the truth, and my position is my position. I know that people will continue to criticize me because I decided not to get vaccinated and because I have views that are incomprehensible to people. I hope that if people do not understand, they will at least respect. I do not mean to endanger anyone, it is my decision and I am aware of the consequences. It's not my hands, it's not up to me whether I will go to Indian Wells or other tournaments - says ковиokoviќ

The Serbian tennis player then talked again about the events in Melbourne. Ковиokovi откри reveals that no tennis player who received a visa with a medical exemption had problems entering Australia until his arrival in Melbourne.

- I did everything that was asked of me. I was in a position like any other tennis player. I see that there is a belief that I have been privileged and given that status because I am. I will say something that the BBC cut, and I will repeat it like a parrot: everyone had the same medical exemption, I arrived in Australia, ten days before me came the Czech tennis player and coach from Croatia. She played in a tournament, he trained his tennis player without any problems. Suddenly there was a problem because I came. Because? Answer me - ковиokovi. Asked himself.

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