Djokovic: Alcaraz is a fantastic tennis player, he was unlucky today


Novak Djokovic today he overcame it Carlos Alcaraz with 3:1 in sets and qualified for his seventh final at Roland Garros.

The first two sets brought an even fight, and then came the injury of Alcaraz, who decided the semi-final in favor of Djokovic. The Spaniard did not give up, he stayed on the court to fight, but in such a condition he could not match the moody Djokovic.

After the victory, Djokovic did not forget to send great praise to the young tennis player, telling him that he will surely win this tournament many more times in the future.

"Carlos is a fantastic tennis player and he will surely win this tournament many more times in the future, I told him that while we were at the net. He was unlucky today, nobody wants to get injured in a match like this and I hope he will be back soon. It is not easy to constantly play with this intensity. "The title has not yet been won, there is one more match and I want to win," said Djokovic.

In the final, Djokovic will try to win his 23rd Grand Slam title and thus become the most trophy-winning player in the history of tennis.

PHOTO+VIDEO | Alcaraz got injured, so Djokovic dominated for the seventh final at Roland Garros

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