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Gere: It's time to move on

He added that they encourage both sides to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Our battle today is in fact a battle of Europe with itself, to keep its word. It is high time we started the deserved membership negotiations and so we will be joint winners. Happy Europe Day.

This is the message sent today by the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs Nikola Dimitrov, who together with the Head of the EU Delegation to Northern Macedonia, Ambassador David Gere, visited the office of Eco Post, a beneficiary of the EU Resistance project.

EU Ambassador David Gere said the EC was working to schedule an intergovernmental conference with both countries, but had not yet arrived. That issue, he said, should be addressed by the European Council of the Union. In general, however, he said that it was time to move forward, ie. to make progress in the process.

- The position of the EC is absolutely clear. The Commission wants to see the holding of the intergovernmental conference, ie the start of negotiations with Northern Macedonia and Albania as soon as possible. The process is based on merit and both countries have done a lot in that process. It is time to move forward, ie. to make progress, Gere said. He added that they encourage both sides to find a mutually acceptable solution.

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