Veaposka's gynecologist convicted of the crime of providing health services without a work permit

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The basic court of Struga convicted the gynecologist Muhammad Asani, former director of the Struga hospital, for providing health services without a work permit because in his family home in an unregistered practice as a health worker specialist in gynecology and obstetrics, he examined patients and managed pregnancies from 2015 to 2020.

According to the verdict of December 2022, obtained by "Sloboden Pechat", doctor Asani in the premises of his family house in Struga, on the ground floor, equipped a practice that was not registered and marked and there, from 2015 to 2020, he conducted pregnancy tests on the patient Jaldz Veaposka as well as two other women who testified in court in support of such facts.

Doctor Asani usually scheduled the examinations in the afternoon and performed examinations with an echo machine and CTG machine, as well as other examinations that he deemed necessary, and for the services he charged MKD 1000 for an echo examination and MKD 1200 for a CT examination. The patients paid him in hand, and he did not issue them any proof of the money received.

During the supervision carried out by the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate on January 18, 2021, it was established that the gynecology office was equipped with a work desk, a bed for patients, a gynecological chair, a movable table with auxiliary material, and in the drawers there were empty prescriptions, a facsimile from the accused as doctor and other material with which a record was compiled and a decision was made on January 25, 2021, which prohibits Asani from performing health care activities in an unregistered practice.

With the described actions, he committed the crime of providing health services without a work permit, and the court sentenced him to a suspended sentence.

"He is sentenced to two years in prison and at the same time it is determined that it will not be carried out if the convicted person does not commit a new crime within 4 years", the verdict reads.

In the reasoning of the verdict, it is stated that during 2015, the witness Jaldz Veaposka was pregnant for the first time and went to medical examinations at her family gynecologist in Debar and in Skopje. Since it was too far for her to travel to Skopje, on the recommendation of her close people who were patients of the accused, she decided that he would continue to monitor her pregnancy. Because of that, the witness Veaposka contacted doctor Muhammed Asani and they agreed to perform the first control examination at Struga General Hospital. After the examination, Asani told her to come again in two weeks, but this time to his office, for which he told her the address. After two weeks, Veaposka contacted the doctor and he told her on the phone which streets to follow and she arrived in front of the doctor's office. He returned from work at 16 pm and performed the examination. From then until she gave birth, the witness Veaposka went to check-ups at the defendant's office in his home every two to three weeks, depending on what the doctor said, and for the check-ups at the office, she paid Asani amounts of one thousand, 1.200 or 1500 denars each. depending on the review.

During 2020, Veaposka was pregnant again, and this pregnancy was managed from the beginning by the defendant, who performed the control examinations at the Struga General Hospital when he was on duty, and when he was free at the doctor's office at home. In the period from February to August 2020, he performed control examinations of this pregnancy every two weeks with an echo examination and a CT scan at his home.

Another woman who testified in the courtroom, also in the domestic unregistered clinic Asani, was charged four or five thousand denars per examination for taking swabs after control.

And a third woman, according to the verdict, testified that Asani managed her pregnancy in the home's unregistered practice. She said that she noticed that there was a sign near the house saying "Villa Matti".

On 18.01.2021. year inspectors of the State Health and Sanitary Inspectorate from Ohrid with police assistance entered the house of doctor Asani, where there was no board for a marked practice. After entering the room on the ground floor of the house, they entered through the door into a room that resembled a waiting room, and through another door into a room designed as a gynecological office where there was a desk, chairs, a bed for patients, a chair for performing gynecological examinations, a movable table with disposable material. Empty prescriptions and a facsimile from the defendant were found in the drawer, and other auxiliary material was also found, such as sheets, bedspreads, paper towels, wet wipes, etc. The space and equipment found in this way indicated the performance of health activities, i.e. the provision of gynecological services. Asani noted on the record that the inventory found in the room was his personal property and he brought it here, but neither he nor anyone else used it for examinations.

After the inspection, the inspector Dr. Augustina Mijalkova from DSZI made a decision by which she prohibited Asani from performing health activities in the space with an immediate deadline.

After that, Asani complained to the State Commission for decision-making in the second instance in the field of inspection supervision, so on December 9, 2021, inspector Mijalkova again entered the premises of the wildlife clinic, where she found that there is now something similar to a pantry, where pellets are stored. , bicycles, etc., and no gynecological and other equipment associated with the provision of health care was found.

Asani defended himself that there were statements of witnesses after a long series of years who had a personal motive against him and were related to the family. But the court did not accept this defense, because it is a separate case. It is about a legal dispute that is currently in the Struga basic court, where Asani, together with his son and another doctor, are accused of removing three healthy organs of the mother Jaldz Veaposka - the uterus, the kidney and the ovary. The initial expert examination from the Institute of Forensic Medicine showed that during the caesarean section, Veaposka's adrenal artery was punctured, which led to internal bleeding and deterioration of her health to the point that she fell into a state of shock and her uterus, kidney and ovary were removed. On March 10 at 10 a.m., the trial for that case continues.

Yaldz Veaposka upset in courtroom, Dr. Muhammed Asani said he felt absolutely no guilt about her organs being removed

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