German health groups, teachers and police are against the legalization of cannabis

Photo: Pexels/michael-fischer

Several German health care associations, as well as the police and teaching staff, in a letter published today call for a halt to the planned legalization of cannabis, DPA reported.

The letter to the lower house of the German parliament, the Bundestag, said: "Please do not vote for this bill."

The groups claim that legalization will set the course for serious social consequences, especially for the development and life prospects of young people, the German agency states.

Initiated by the German Medical Association (GMA), the appeal was also signed by medical and scientific associations, the German Teachers' Association and the police union.

GMA president Klaus Reinhardt said that "the legalization of cannabis leads to greater consumption and trivializes the associated risks."

-Cannabis can be addictive and cause serious developmental harm. This country does not need the legalization of cannabis, he said.

Instead, he continued, "a drug policy is needed that resolutely focuses on more prevention and support services, especially for young people."

The German Association of Judges (DRB) criticized that the law would provide for a plethora of requirements and new provisions for punishments.

Germany's coalition government recently agreed on the details of a draft law that aims to come into force in the spring.

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