The German government requires urgent measures: the singer of "Rammstein" chose girls from the front rows, then drugged and raped them

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The German government he asked on Tuesday measures to protect the female audience of the local cult metal band Rammstein after the accusations against their singer about sexual abuse.

"Especially young people must be better protected against aggression," German Family Minister Lisa Paus of the Green Party told AFP as Rammstein, one of Europe's most famous metal bands, toured the continent.

The minister specifically suggested that they be introduced at the concerts protective zones for women и teams who could intervene in case of sexual abuse.

"We need to "quickly and concretely" discuss the protective measures", requested the minister, noting that it would be "useful to carry out a serious discussion about the responsibility of artists and organizers towards concert visitors".


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Rammstein singer Till Lindemann is accused of sexual abuse by several women, the state television NDR and the newspaper "Suddeutsche Zeitung" announced these days.

The singer is suspected that at the concerts of the first rows were chosen by a group of girls whom he invited to a party after the concert. Two girls claim that they were at those parties drugged and forced into sex, which the band denied.

In another investigation conducted by the weekly "Die Welt", the entire system at the service of the singer is described, in which the girls in the front row were filmed and photographed for Lindemann (60) so he can choose the ones he likes.


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Four concerts should be held this week at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, where there will be none first lines in front of the stage from which the controversial singer chose girls (the so-called Row Zero).

"The organizer informed us yesterday that there will be no space for Row Zero and no after-party here at our place," Tobias Kohler, a spokesman for the stadium where the band will perform, told AFP.

"Rammstein" should hold concerts in the coming weeks France, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Poland and Austria.

Rammstein frontman accused of drugging and sexually harassing female fan

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