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Germany opposes revocation of vaccine patents

The German government today ce resist the US call to ce patents for vaccines against covid-19 were revoked, assessing that such protection is not the reason for the slow production process, Deutsche Welle reported.

Official Berlin does not ce agrees with the US decision to allow the revocation of patents for vaccines before the World Trade Organization (WTO).

- The US remark on the abolition of patent protection for vaccines against covid-19 has significant implications for the production of vaccines. Limiting factors in vaccine production ce production facilities and achieving high quality standards, not patents, the German government said.

According to official Berlin, pharmaceutical companies are already working with partners to ce increase production capacity.

"The protection of intellectual property is a source of innovation and must remain so in the future," said a government spokeswoman in Berlin.

In Germany is the headquarters of Biontek, the company that developed the first vaccine approved for use in the West in collaboration with Pfizer.

Another German company, Kurwak, is in the final stages of clinical trials of the vaccine, and ce hopes for EU authorization in the coming weeks, Deutsche Welle said.

Earlier, German Health Minister Jens Spann said Germany supported "the US President's goal to ce supply the world with vaccines as the only way out of the pandemic. "

But those countries that produce vaccines "must also export them to other countries," Span said, alluding to the US refusal to allow the export of domestically produced vaccines.

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