Germany orders Skyranger 30 mobile air defense system

Rheinmetall signed a new contract for the delivery of the mobile air defense system "Skyranger 30" for the Bundeswehr, worth 595 million euros, reports the "defense-blog" portal.

It includes supplying the German armed forces with prototype and 18 production combat vehicles, with an option for an additional 30 systems.

According to a statement from Rheinmetall, the prototype is expected to be delivered by the end of 2024.

Integrated into the German government's European Air Shield Initiative, the Skyranger 30 addresses a critical gap in mobile air defense capability.

Offering a blend of mobility, protection, flexibility and precision, it meets the evolving challenges of the short and very short range threat spectrum.

The system's turret, with a highly effective 30mm gun, surface-to-air missiles and a comprehensive sensor suite, is mounted on a single platform, providing a hybrid solution.

The German Skyranger 30 systems will be armed with Stinger missiles, although the system is adaptable to various modern guided missiles such as Mistral or specialized C-UAS missiles.

Its combination of different weapons, improved mobility, wide altitude range and advanced sensors enable autonomous and networked operations, with Rheinmetall guided munitions increasing its effectiveness against drones.

Austria has already purchased thirty-six such systems, and other NATO and EU member states have expressed interest or are actively procuring them.

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