Germany gives the Czech Republic 15 more Leopard tanks because of the aid to Ukraine

Photo: Bundeswehr/Wikipedia

Germany offered the Czech Republic 15 more Leopard 2A4 tanks as a gift as a thank you for the Czech military aid to Ukraine, as well as a favorable purchase of 15 more tanks, Czech Prime Minister Petr Fijala said today.

In total, the Czech Republic, with the 15 tanks donated last year, would provide its army with 42 Leopard tanks, along with other compensation it received from the Allies in the amount of 760 million euros for 62 tanks, 131 infantry fighting vehicles, six helicopters and 16 air defense systems. These are mainly old post-Soviet weapons that the government in Prague has sent to Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

- The Czech Republic has approved permits for the commercial export of weapons, military equipment and ammunition to Ukraine worth 5,2 billion euros, the Czech Prime Minister said at a press conference after the government session.

There are currently 384.000 war refugees from Ukraine in the Czech Republic, and since the start of the war, the Czech Republic has granted 590.000 temporary asylums to Ukrainians, while three-quarters of refugees who are able to work have found employment, and their contributions and taxes to the state are higher than the humanitarian aid provided by the Czech state to Ukrainian refugees.

The Czech Government decided today to indefinitely extend the ban on issuing visas for citizens of Russia and Belarus, which was valid until March 31.

- However, we must create conditions for representatives of the opposition or students from Russia and Belarus who do not want to have anything to do with the regime in their countries, to be able to study and work in the Czech Republic. There are a number of exceptions to the ban," said the Czech Prime Minister.

This ban does not apply to Russians and Belarusians who already have an approved stay in the Czech Republic or to their family members.

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