Germany warned its population: Save electricity and prepare for winter!

Germany / MIA

The President of the German Energy Regulatory Agency Klaus Müller today he called the citizens, due to the possibility that Russia will completely stop the flow of natural gas in the country, to save electricity and prepare for winter.

Miller urged citizens to check the condition of water heaters and radiators to obtain maximum efficiency.

-Maintenance can reduce gas consumption by 10 to 15 percent, Miller said.

He stated that citizens should prepare for this during the next 12 weeks.

Müller added that German families should already consider "if during the winter every room must be at the usual temperature or if some can be a little colder".

Earlier in June, Russia reduced the flow of gas to Germany, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The Russian state energy company "Gazprom" stated that the reason for this is a technical problem, since the equipment being repaired in Canada cannot be returned due to the sanctions that Western countries have imposed on Russia due to aggression against Ukraine.

German leaders rejected this explanation, calling the reduction in gas supplies a political game.

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