Germany has listed Croatia and Bulgaria as high-risk countries of Covid-19

Germany, covid 19 / Photo: Archive

Germany today added Croatia and Bulgaria to its list of high-risk zones for Covid-19, introducing a minimum of five days of quarantine for unvaccinated and unhealthy travelers arriving from both countries, the DPA reported.

Three other European Union countries - Romania, Lithuania and Slovenia - are already on the list, compiled by the German Robert Koch Institute.

In total, almost 70 countries around the world have been declared high-risk zones for Covid-19 by Germany. Anyone who has not been ill or has not been fully vaccinated and is returning to Germany from these countries must be subject to a 10-day quarantine. It can be shortened if those coming from these countries have a negative coronavirus test five days after arrival.

Along with Croatia and Bulgaria, Cameroon, Singapore and the Republic of Congo were added to the list of high-risk countries today, while Kenya, Kosovo, Iraq and Honduras were removed.

Source: MIA 

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