Germany to Pristina: Kosovo to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities

Kosovar Serbia
George Mdivanian / Panthermedia / Profimedia

The German Embassy in Kosovo appreciates that it is "unfortunate that there is very limited progress" in the direction of the implementation of the Basic Agreement from Brussels and the annex for implementation from Ohrid, reached last year between Kosovo and Serbia.

In a statement to the media of the "Koha" group, the head of culture, media and communication at the German embassy, ​​Christian Bocher, says that Kosovo should establish the Community of Municipalities with a Serbian majority in Kosovo, in order to avoid a possible new escalation in the north of the country .

"Kosovo should take the next step by forming the Community of Municipalities with a Serbian majority, in order to avoid any kind of escalation in the north. It is important to bring the Serbian community in Kosovo closer and to get involved in the processes," says Bocher.

He also criticizes the Central Bank of Kosovo's (CBK) "hasty implementation of the regulation" banning the use of the Serbian dinar in the country.

"What we are currently seeing with the hasty implementation of the CBK regulation is the opposite of comprehensive governance. Considering that both the President (of Serbia, Aleksandar) Vucic and the Prime Minister (of Kosovo, Albin) Kurti verbally accepted the agreement and its implementation in front of the high representative of the EU, Josep Borel, we consider that agreement to be legally binding," he said. Bocher.

He emphasizes that the European Union, as well as Germany, continue to expect "political will and the necessary flexibility from both sides for the implementation of the jointly agreed agreements in Brussels and Ohrid".

"The spokesperson of the EU, Peter Stano, emphasized again yesterday that Kosovo and Serbia will not progress on the path to membership in the European Union, if they do not achieve progress in the implementation of the Agreement from last year, as well as all agreements. "We continue to support all aspects that will be good for Kosovo, but also for Serbia and the entire region, because they will significantly speed up the path of both countries towards the desired EU membership," Bocher said.

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