Germany demands that Albania's path to the EU is not blocked by bilateral issues with Greece

Bundestag / Photo Sloboden Pechat / Borjan Boychev

The German Foreign Ministry said that Albania's path to the EU should not be blocked by bilateral issues with Greece.

Official Berlin called Greece's blocking of Albania's path to EU membership unacceptable due to the case of Freddy Belleri, the arrested elected mayor of Himara, who is ethnically Greek, Shqiptaria portal reported.

"Albania is the country that has made the most steps towards EU membership and this time it should not be interrupted because of a bilateral relations issue, (such as the issue of) Belleri," the German Foreign Ministry said in a statement to the Greek newspaper. So her", quoted by "Shqiptaria".

The announcement also states that the Albanian authorities are currently investigating the case of Freddy Belleri and that the results should be awaited.

Belleri was arrested two days before the local elections in Albania on 14 May 2023 on charges of complicity in active corruption, and two days later from prison he won the local elections in Himara. His arrest caused tensions between Athens and Tirana even before the elections, and relations between them remain strained.

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