Gerasimovski: Together with the citizens, we will find a solution for the noise from the cafes in Kapistec

Residents of Kapistec for years they have had a serious problem with the noise from coffee bars. They also informed the mayor of Centar Municipality about this. Goran Gerasimovski at yesterday's forum "Together we decide" which was held at "Kiro Gligorov" OOU, and he promised them that he would sincerely and devotedly strive to find a solution to this problem and called on the citizens to join him.

 I agree that the solution is not to write only one, two or five penalties, but the solution lies in joint action. In the coming period together with you we will organize a special meeting only on this topic and with presidents of house councils in order to find a permanent solution. We've known it's a huge problem for years. According to our credentials, we send inspectors and write fines, but obviously it's not enough - said Gerasimovski.

On the podium, the mayor also referred to the projects implemented so far in the municipality, such as the infrastructure works with the street network, the reconstructed children's playground, the new retirement club in Beverly Hills Mall and for the garage with a capacity of 260 vehicles to be built in Kapistec.

 A new parking lot in Kapistec is in the process. With our own research, we detected the problems in the settlements, and the most critical are Debar Maalo, Kapishtec and the Bunjakovec settlement. In Kapistec, we are planning to start the new multi-storey garage, it will be on Naroden Front Street, a continuation of the prefabricated garage with a capacity of 260 parking spaces. This is one of the more expensive and capital projects that we plan to start by the end of the year, and to realize it by the middle of next year - said Gerasimovski.

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