Gerasimovski: The construction of the "Spring" kindergarten is progressing, 40 percent of the construction work has been completed

Photo: Municipality of Centar

About 40 percent of the construction activities of the new kindergarten "Spring" have been completed and the construction is progressing according to the expected dynamics. The Mayor of the Municipality of Centar, Goran Gerasimovski, inspected the construction works of the kindergarten, which is the first kindergarten in the "Prolet" neighborhood and the first new kindergarten in 50 years in the Municipality of Centar.

We started construction work in July last year and the construction is progressing, currently about 40% of the construction work is complete. The kindergarten "Spring" will cover an area of ​​3.276 square meters, it will be on two levels with the capacity to care for 150 children in 9 classrooms. It will have an elevator and an outdoor playground that can be accessed by children with mobility disabilities, an atrium, a doctor's room with isolation for children and its own kitchen with a dining room for freshly prepared and healthy food for children - says Gerasimovski.

The construction of the kindergarten is fully financed by the Municipality of Centar and will cost about 2,5 million euros, and it solves a huge problem for several decades for parents who have to take their children to neighboring neighborhoods.

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