The owner of a betting shop hired people to empty the warehouse, he wanted to lie to his partner that they were robbed by unknown thieves

Photo: MIA

One of the two owners of a betting shop in Gostivar, an Albanian citizen, hired people from Skopje to empty the warehouse, with the plan to tell his partner that they were robbed by unknown thieves, the Ministry of the Interior said.

"On 08.06.2023 at 18.50:28 p.m. on "JNA" street in Gostivar, police officers from the Gostivar Police Department deprived J.F. (26), J.I. (23), E.E. (31), S. .D. (23.30) and one minor, all from Skopje. They were found loading items into a truck with Skopje registration marks, which they took from a warehouse used by a sports betting shop. In connection with the event, at 33:37 p.m. in Tetovo, EP (XNUMX) from the Republic of Albania, with regular residence in Gostivar, who, according to the report, hired the persons to take the items from the warehouse of the betting shop, was also deprived of his liberty. without the knowledge of M.U. (XNUMX) from Gostivar, who was his partner in the betting shop," said the police.

The suspects were detained at the police station and after the complete clearing and documentation of the case, an appropriate report will be filed against them.

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