Gastronomic delight from Diana Ivanoska: Aromatic bread with feta, rosemary and thyme

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Life can really be impeccably delicious, and it proves it Diana Ivanoska from Tetovo, who with her talent for combination of tastes takes us on an exceptional gastronomic journey.

Diana Ivanoska is behind the Instagram profile Dash of Spice and reveals to us the little secrets of creating magic from flavors. She started sharing her recipes with her followers and friends since the beginning of the pandemic.

"I love every part of the process, but I enjoy photographing the food the most," Diana reveals.

Photo: Private archive

The talented Diana shares a recipe with us today - aromatic bread with feta, rosemary and thyme.

As Diana says, it is very quick and easy to prepare, and you get a delicious, fragrant bread that is worth trying.

Photo: Private archive


For the first part of the dough:

- 250 g flour

- 2 tablespoons sugar

- 1 teaspoon of salt

– 2 bags of dry yeast

For the second part:

– 140 ml of beer at room temperature

- 60 ml of olive oil

- 2 eggs

For the third part:

- 140 g flour

– 40 g of corn flour

About the filling:

– 40 g of olive oil

- 1 tablespoon mustard

- 200 g feta cheese

- rosemary

- thyme

- oregano

Photo: Private archive


Combine the ingredients from the first and second parts. I beat them with a mixer with the dough mixers because the mixture is more liquid. Add the third part and knead the dough.

Knead the dough until you get a smooth and soft ball. Leave the dough to rise in a warm place.

Mix well the mustard with the olive oil. Roll out the risen dough into a rectangle with a length of 56 cm. Spread with the mustard, crumble the feta on top and sprinkle with aromatic spices if desired. I used rosemary and thyme. Cut the peel into 7 cm wide strips. Stack the strips on top of each other and cut them into 6 pieces. Arrange the slices upright in a greased loaf pan. Let it rise. During this time, heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Brush with olive oil and bake for 25-30 minutes until golden brown.

Enjoy the wonderful taste and smell.


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