Gashi says that there is room for compromise, but he will wait to see what SDSM and AA will agree on

Afrim Gashi as a guest on Alsat TV / November 6, 2021 / photo: Alsat / printscreen

"After the negotiations between SDSM and the Alliance for Albanians are over, we will discuss staying or leaving the government coalition. We are in favor of a compromise regarding the allocation of portfolios," said the leader of Alternativa Afrim Gashi during the break from the meeting with the membership in Gostivar.

Gashi mentioned that the party authorities will decide on staying or leaving the government. If Alliance is a government partner and Alternative remains, according to Gashi there are ways and channels for communication and cooperation, because as he emphasized, "Alternative is a cooperative party."

Regarding the speculations that there are conditions for staying or leaving the Government, Gashi said that as a party they are up to that challenge, but, as he added, unfortunately or fortunately, they will wait to see how the Alliance for Albanians will lead the negotiations with SDSM to enter the Government.

"If an agreement is reached between them, we will see if it is broken and if it affects our agreement to enter the Government," Gashi said.

He added that Alternativa currently has no red lines for the coalition partners and that he is ready to compromise on giving up some ministerial positions.

The party leadership of Alternativa is having a meeting tonight where, among other things, they are discussing the further steps that would be taken in the event of the Alliance for Albanians entering the Government.

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