GALLERY | Promotion: Jaro still lives "Life on the line" at the age of 74

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

In front of a large audience, the biographical book of the famous manager was launched tonight Velibor Jarovski – Jaro - "Life at stake".

The author of the book is his daughter, the eminent journalist Milica Jarovska, which takes readers on an exciting journey through Jaro's life in an entertaining way.

"Authors like Jaro, Milica and me are the ones who write their own books, pay for them themselves and everyone buys them. And these writers are the ones that the state pays for the books that no one buys. That's the difference.

Time will tell whether it was a life at stake, whether a life for a stake, whether a life with a stake... But, probably, this book will explain it to us," said the promoter of the book, actor and showman Igor Zambazov.

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

About the writing process, Jarovska said that it was a bit difficult to write the book because her father sometimes knew how to mix up the years of events and happenings. However, the legendary Jaro is an inexhaustible source, a treasure trove of incredible incidents, which, unfortunately, cannot all be translated into just one book.

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The author said that there is enough material for a second book, and Jaro revealed that there will also be a documentary about his life.

The promotion of the book, which took place in the "For" restaurant in Skopje, was attended by a large number of public figures, journalists, as well as close friends and associates of Velibor Djarovski-Djaro.

The book "Life on a Dice" is published by the publishing house "Three".

Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski
Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski
Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

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