GALLERY | Macedonian fashion designers present unique collections at "EXPO.30"

Photo: EXPO.30

The Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday held the second and last day of the event "EXPO.30", and this time the new fashion collections of five more Macedonian designers were presented.

The review part started with the presentation of a joint fashion show for fashion design students from the three faculties, which brought freshness to the whole event.

What we saw from the students from the Institute for Design and Clothing at TMF at UKIM, Anastasia Petreski and Kristijan Arsovski was futurism in touch with the gothic of the models. Danijela Savic from the Faculty of Art and Design at the European University presented several models in her collection, and the theme was a journey through Macedonian culture and tradition where the layering and weight of the Macedonian traditional women's costume from Poreче is reflected. Furkan Arifi from Mother Teresa University is behind the new KAN brand. His first collection "Sin is IN" was created between Mexico and Tokyo, and its purpose is to give another perspective and fashion taste for the Macedonian street clothes for young people. The purpose of brands is not only to present a certain style, but also to make people find themselves in designers and brands.

Photo: EXPO

Fashion designer Lidija Georgieva presented the collection Landscape no. 22, worked according to the principle of slow fashion and arising from the need to investigate the impact of modern technology in correlation with the lack of the necessary dose of nature in our everyday life. The digital world is a place where we spend more and more time, even when we are in nature. So the landscapes we see during the day are increasingly digital rather than real. In this real / unreal game, landscapes are imaginary, dreamy, forested, with sounds, smells, plants, animals and main characters that may or may not exist. Here they are through the prints characteristic for the style of the brand, the embroidered floral motifs, the hand-knitted designs, the archive corals and various other stones.

Photo: EXPO

Designer Silvija Mihajlovska under the brand "Alshar" presented models based on and inspired by her drawings and creations related to many years of experience and work in fashion. The collection is called Re: Essence (as an association of Reminiscence) which is actually a reminder and return to ideas and references used in her previous collections, all fitted into a new whole. Some of the creations are made of fabrics in intense colors such as red, ocher, pink, cyclamen with many color block moments, and some are black, silver and creations from the always current jeans. Inspired by graffiti artists and contemporary artists.

Photo: EXPO

The "Origin" collection by the designer Mitko Zanov is a combination of the old, the new and the unknown, created from the moments of happiness, sadness and love and inspired by beauty. The word "origin" itself means origin, source, beginning, root or starting point. That is why in this collection a small retrospective of the work of the brand "Zanov" is metaphorically presented. The collection shows the trademark, the characteristic colors, materials, shapes, cuts and textures, ie the DNA of the brand.

Photo: EXPO

"Lucid dreams in torn realities" by Jovana Filipovi во in collaboration with Ajbuke Barkчиin, who appears as a co-designer / collaborator of the collection, is the embodiment of a friendship and emphasizes the importance of dreaming and youthful fantasy, which is the initial inspirational point of the collection . The second inspiration for "Lucid dreams in torn realities" is a combination of Lewis Carroll's book "Alice in Wonderland" and the Japanese anime "Paprika", based on the novel by Yasutaka Tsutsui. Each look in the collection carries a story. The red roses that appear as a print on the shirts draw inspiration from Alice's meeting with the royal gardeners who paint the white roses red and at the same time are a reference to a kind of escapism and the creation of their own new reality, opposing nature. The pleated silk skirt in intense blue color, bears a reference from the famous blue color of Walt Disney, which evokes the memory of youth, naivety and fairytale.

Photo: EXPO

The second night of "EXPO.30" rounded off the fashion show of "Kokev" with the collection for autumn / winter 2021/22 and presented models with sophisticated design, elegance and extravagance that are perfectly made of high quality fabrics. The design reveals the sensuality, romance, femininity and self-confidence of the woman. Kokev seemed to finally fully reveal himself, showing the complete truth about his style. As if we are inside her vision of what a world should look like. It easily reveals everything that was built like Kokev over the years, but with a turnaround of a brand that is already reaching its maturity.

Photo: EXPO

DJs Chvare, Soul Case, Uzun Baba, John Antonio, Chedo and Sonia Ismail were the musical background of the fashion shows, and then entertained the guests with their DJ sets.

The event is organized to mark 30 years of state independence and is supported by the Government of RS Macedonia.

In both days of EXPO.30, all currently valid protocols for organizing events adopted by the Ministry of Health were implemented.




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